Writing things down

Well, why else do you think I'd start a highly personal, vulnerability exposing blog? Because getting this stuff out of my head helps. 

This site is basically a collection of all the things I do to help myself because the problem is that the times when I need the most help are also the times when I struggle most to remember what it is I should be doing to help myself. It's my constant reminder when I need ot most. 


For me, writing things down takes two forms. The cathartic outpouring of emotion, and the functional list making to help me to cope when my brain is wrapped up in anxiety. When my anxiety is at it's worst and I'm waking up in the night feeling guilty about all the things I haven't done, I keep a stack of post it notes and a pen by the bed so that I can scribble notes, still my mind and then pick it up again in the morning when I'm rested.