Self care products

Sometimes you need a little help to take care of yourself. There are some products that I use day in, day out to keep me on an even keel, and there are some products that I use as a pick me up. 

A lot of my favourite self care products are based on aromatherapy, whether that be a sleep spray, shower gel, candles or bath products. If I'm anxious, I like relaxing scents like lavender, chamomile, sandelwood, jasmine and clary sage. If I'm depressed, I prefer scents that lift me, pick me up and give me a bit of energy like peppermint, bergamot, rosemary and all of the citrus scents like lemon, orange, grapefruit and lime. 

I am a big fan of candles, especially scented ones. I like the process of lighting them - I find it oddly calming when my mind is whirling. It's not that I'm a pyromaniac, there is just something about the ceremony that distracts my brain. Herbal teas are on the list for the same reason. There is something about the process of making the tea as well as the benefits that come from the smell and taste that I find soothing. 

There are other things that I have bought to help with elements of the toolkit, and you can find those on each page, but these are my go-to products when I need something quick, or something that I can take anywhere with me.