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Eat: Seasonal recipes for June

I'm a big fan of eating seasonal, locally sourced food. In the UK we farm some amazing produce and this is my guide to the best eating and recipes for the month.

June is the first really good month of the soft fruit season, giving us the first beautiful strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries of the year. If you're feeling brave, you could also head out for some elderflower foraging!

We also see salad and vegetables that you can grow in your own garden in abundance, like peas, rocket, lettuce, courgette, spring onions and radishes.

Certain seafood are at their best, so think cod, mackerel, sardines, crab and lobster. New potatoes are wonderful and June is also the last month for UK-grown asparagus so get it while you can!

Bombay Potato hot salad

This is a Jamie Oliver recipe that I just love. I make it all year round but at this time of year when the potatoes are great and fresh peas are at their best, it's just fab.

It's easy to make with just a little prep and it scales well so it's perfect for serving large numbers of people. It also works really well served hot straight from the oven, warm or chilled.

I love eating this warm with mackerel, watercress and mayonnaise, or hot with chicken or lamb as a more Summery Sunday lunch. It also makes a really popular side for a barbecue - much better than a classic potato salad!

Asparagus and gruyere feuillettes

Asparagus is beautiful on it's own, with lemon or a poached eggs, but for me that feels more like a snack and creating these simple little parcels turns the asparagus into a meal.

They are easy to make than they look and they taste wonderful... although I adore anything with melted cheese in the middle of it!

I use gluten free puff pastry to make these and it works well.

Roast chicken with courgette gratin

I've always hated courgettes. I remember the watery, bland ratatouille of my youth. Not good.

Then I went to Greece and had the most incredible courgette gratin made with lemon and parmesan. This recipe is the nearest I've found to that experience, but I prefer to slice the courgette in long, thin strips.

Crab and leek tart

Crab makes a delicious salad but this creamy tart is a great way to use crab differently when I'm bored of salad. It feels luxurious and decadent and is easy to prep ahead if you have friends coming round.

I buy a cooked, dressed crab and use gluten free pastry.

Summer fruit, elderflower and Prosecco jelly

I am a big Prosecco fan and this jelly recipe is a great way to show off the flavours of June.

The first time I attempted a jelly I remember thinking it would be difficult, but it's actually much easier than I thought and the joy of it is that it can be made a day or two ahead so if you're entertaining you know it's done and ready to go.

This is one of those desserts that is great at any time - make it in martini glasses for a push dinner party or in a terrine for a barbecue or Sunday lunch.

Flavour is everything with a dessert like this, though, so I always use the best organic fruit I can get my hands on.

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