• Jo Watkinson

Acts of Kindness instead of chocolate

A friend recently shared this advent calendar and I think it's a wonderful idea.

The idea is that every day, instead of eating a small piece of poor quality chocolate in a distorted Christmas shape, you perform a small act of kindness.

Now, my world has been crazy recently. We moved house and it was a very stressful move. We got to the stage where either the sale fell through and we'd have to put the house back on the market in January, or we had to exchange, complete and move in 36 hours. We went for the move and we made it work, but my goodness it was stressful.

This is also by far my busiest time of year for work where 12-14 hour days are standard... and we moved house, so I can't find anything that I need and I keep tripping over boxes.

It's all been a bit much. My anxiety is off the charts and I'm so busy that I'm finding it difficult to carve out time for yoga and meditation. So this is perfect for me. Every day, there is a small, easy achievable thing that I can do to remind me to pause, breathe and look for the good in the world. To briefly lift my head up for 5 minutes and focus on kindness and be mindful.

I'll be trying to write about my experiences over the next few days... why not spread a little kindness too?

You can find the original here, along with a downloadable pdf:

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