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Breathe: Getting comfy while I meditate

This is me, ready to start a meditation session. Now, my brain has been running away with me over the last few weeks, which makes meditation harder for me so I have to do my best to really settle into a meditation session and remove as many distractions as possible.

This is my go-to outfit and position of choice. I like to sit on my yoga mat and I also use a meditation cushion. My hips are not particularly flexible so using a meditation cushion allows me to tilt my pelvis, which makes it a lot easier to sit cross legged and with a straight back for a period of time.

I also like a hoodie. When I'm struggling to meditate, putting the hood up makes me feel a bit more cocooned and makes it easier for me to close out the world. I like this particular hoodie because it's quite close fitting, so it doesn't get in the way and it's warm without being overly thick or bulky. It's simple, clean and doesn't have any labels that scratch or other such annoyances.

Underneath the hoodie are my yoga clothes, and I tend to buy them from Forever 21. They make great sportswear from good quality fabrics that feel good against my skin and they have brilliantly thought through details, like pockets in smart places. They are also pretty cheap, but I'm astonished by the quality of them considering the price, especially the leggings. Yoga leggings are notorious for being overly expensive but see-through! Forever 21 seem to buck that trend, for which I'm very grateful. I'm careful with my choices though... this season they seem to have a taste for see through mesh panels, and no-one needs to see the wobbly bits of my thighs, thank you very much!

I also think that it's important to choose colours that make me feel calm and chilled. My running clothes are all bright, dynamic colours, but my yoga clothes that I also meditate in are all soft greys with splashes of aqua and turquoise.

Oh, and I also like to sit near a window so that the natural sunlight comes in. #nofilter

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