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Move: An anti-anxiety walk

I've been struggling lately with anxiety. It's been growing and growing for several weeks now and, unfortunately, this has been combined with a 2 week enforced break from exercise... and exercise really helps me to cope with and manage anxiety, so it's quickly spiralled out of control.

It's been a week since I've been cleared to exercise again, and every day I've promised myself that I was going to do something... anything! And then I've failed miserably. I know I should be exercising, I know it's good for my brain and yet I've still not been able to get out of the door or roll out the yoga mat.

Clearly drastic action was needed. I know that being outdoors in nature and the sunshine helps, as does exercise. I just couldn't do it my myself. And this is where the Husband comes in. Today, it was his job to take me for a walk, to actually get me out of the front door.

We're very lucky to live close to Cassiobury Park, which has some really lovely parts to it. I'm a particular fan of the area up round the canal. The trees are large and vibrant, the water is calm and still, and the whole place just has a quietness about it that you can't always find in other parts of the park.

We walked through town, right the way through the park and then took a path that I've never tried before, just in case it turned out to lead to a lovely new run route (it didn't. It was very steep!) then we looped back through the park. And I feel so much better for it.

We didn't go far or fast, but it's amazing how much of a difference it's made to my mood, and how much slower my brain is spinning now. I just needed a little push out of the door.

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