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Breathe: Taking a dip into a gong bath

Last week I went to my first ever gong bath. The best way that I can describe a gong bath is that it's a guided meditation session, except that instead of listening to a voice, you listen to an amazing array of sounds made by gongs.

This particular gong bath was lead by the wonderful Julia Jenkins. I arrived at a studio on a cold, rainy evening with only the vaguest idea of what to expect and armed with an array of blankets, pillows and some fluffy socks.

I settled myself onto a yoga mat, put my fluffy socks on, snuggled under a blanket and waited to see what would happen.

The sound starts gently, with chimes and singing bowls so that the sounds are high, clear and easy to focus on. And it is sound, rather than music. Although the notes are pretty, it's not musical so you can't follow along, you really have to just relax and let it wash over you.

The sound then grows. The gongs come in and they make just the most astonishing sound. It comes in waves. Bigger and bigger waves of sound. It swoops around you, cocoons you and envelops you.

And then it fades. gradually. to stillness.

It's a beautiful thing to experience and left me feeling rested, relaxed and ready for a very deep sleep. If you're just starting your meditation practice or if you've been meditating for a while but you're looking for something new, then the gong is on!

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