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Move: Who wants to look like a bond girl?

I'm training for my first triathlon. I used to run a bit, but I'd sort of fallen out of love with it and, after a slump of depression, I needed something to work towards and to focus the brain on.

So what does that have to do with looking like a bond girl?

My friend Alison, who is a personal trainer, is running a coaching course for a group of women of varying ages and fitness levels who all want to do a triathlon. For reasons I still don't fully understand, I decided I'd try it.

Now, I'm not a strong swimmer so I've had to put a lot of work in there and the open water swim is a little daunting. It also needs a wetsuit...

And this is where you get to be a bond girl! Thankfully, it turns out that wetsuits are tricky to get into, but once you're in they are very flattering! They skim over the lumps and bumps and the neoprene pulls everything into shape giving you a killer silhouette!

This was my second ever open water swim and was at Denham Water ski club where they hold open water swim sessions. The wetsuit is great because it keeps you warm, but it also gives you extra buoyancy in the water. It's oddly comforting.

My first open water swim was a hideous experience that I had a ridiculously emotional reaction to (more on that some other day) so I was kind of shocked to find myself genuinely enjoying my swim. And not just that, but finding peace too.

I was mostly doing breaststroke (still working on the crawl!) so I could see across the water and it was so calm, so quiet. The lake is surrounded by trees and on Wednesday morning the sun was coming through the trees, glinting off the water. It was beautiful. I found myself almost meditating in the water, counting my breathe, my strokes and absorbing the feeling of the sun on my back, the cool water beneath me and the natural buoyancy of the wetsuit. And no chlorine smell!

I'm now a little bit in love with open water swimming, but I'm particularly in love with how flattering a wetsuit can be! Who knew?!

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