My Toolkit

I'm in pursuit of happiness and over the years I've found a few things that work for me, that help to keep the anxiety down to a dull roar. I call these things my toolkit because some of them get used all of the time, some of them need to be pulled out to cope with specific events, and some of them are only used when I'm at my lowest. The key thing is that whatever mental state I find myself in, I have the right tool to help me maintain it or change it depending on what's I need to do. 

Now, Here's the disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, nutritionist, or therapist (although I am a triathlon coach). All of these tools are tried and tested by me, for me often following professional advice tailored to suit me. Everyone is unique and what works for me may not suit you, but I hope that this may give you some ideas... something might resonate or trigger an idea. You never know. 

Holding Hands

Reach out for help

Yoga Mats


Buddha Statue


Glasses of Water

Drinking water

Tree Lined Park

Being outdoors


Eating clean and well

Swimming laps in the sea


Looking Out to the Lake


Running Shoes


Beauty Cream

Self care products

Legal Research and Writing

Writing things down