Meditation has proved to be very helpful for my anxious brain. Some days it's easier than others. Some days it feels like I'll never be able to empty my brain. Over the years I've tried and learnt many different meditation techniques. Some of them just don't work for me so I've stopped using them. Instead, I've established a range of different types of meditation techniques that I roll out depending on what my mind is doing. 

I have anxiety, so my brain in it's natural state is over-wrought, over analytical and a constant whirl of over thinking every thing. When this is left unchecked, it moves into depression. Meditation acts as a brake. It slows the whirling brain down to something more manageable, my brain works at a gentler, less exhausting pace. This, in turn, stops me from tipping over into depression. 

I wish I'd discovered meditation earlier in my life. Instead, I found it at a difficult time when it was hard for me to learn and embrace. I wanted a magic bullet to make me feel better and meditation felt like it was having no effect... but it gradually helped. I slowly found things that worked for me and gained a level of control over my racing brain. I wish I'd started a daily meditation practice while I was well so that it was there to support me when I was struggling. 

And that kind of summarises my ongoing relationship with meditation. When I feel well I take it for granted and don't practice... so then when I'm anxious I'm out of practice and I find it tough going and not as helpful as it should be. Maintaining a regular practice is something I'm working on.