Drinking water

Drinking two litres of water every day is a basic thing for me - it has to happen. Without it I quickly start to feel tired and lethargic. This is a fundemental part of my toolkit because recognising and understanding my own symptoms helps me to manage them before they escalate. For me, if I know I'm hydrated and I'm still feeling heavy and lethargic, I need to start checking in with myself and making sure I'm ok. 

Water also helps me to look after my digestion, keeps my skin looking great and offers up opportunities for mindfulness and gratitude.  

A two litre water jug 

I know I'm supposed to drink 2 litres of water every day, but sometimes keeping track of what I've drunk is hard work so I have one of these jugs. 

Every morning I fill it up and I fill my glass from it over the course of the day, then once it's empty I know I've had my 2 litres. 

This one is sturdy and robust with a great clip on lid. I sometimes flavour my water with sliced fruits and it's a lot easier to do that with this jug than in a bottle of water!