About me

I'm Jo. I have anxiety. 


I used to have anxiety all of the time. When I started this website it was constant, bit now it's only occasional, mostly because I've been using my toolkit! However, I still do get anxiety sometimes and, when it's left unchecked, that anxiety spirals out of control and turns into depression leaving me at the bottom of a deep, dark well. Obviously, this is not where I would like to live my life so I have created a self-care tool kit in my endless pursuit of happiness. 

I will try most things to see if they help to ease the anxiety and different things work for me at different times. My tool kit has built up over many years and is based around the food I eat, what I drink, sport, exercise, yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Sometimes it's about making me healthy and strong, sometimes it's because I bloody well deserve a treat. 

Anxiety does not define me, but it does often affect my path through the world. This  is about the day to day journey. It's the tips and tricks that work for me, it's the good days and the bad, but most of all, it's about what and how I eat, drink, move, breathe. 

I'm a BTF L1 Triathlon coach.